History of Liberty Kidz Thailand

It has been estimated that over 40,000 children in Thailand are homeless or “street children.” Because of this and the other tragic conditions that surround the world’s homeless children, we are driven to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children who are orphaned, outcast, homeless, neglected, poor, and underprivileged. We will do this by nurturing each child in a home environment that provides love, security, productivity, and trust in God.

Our beginning was in Chiang Mai, Thailand with 7 orphaned children in a typical Thai house that served as the first orphanage. Needing a more permanent solution, these 7 children became a part of another orphanage that was experiencing financial struggles. A semi-permanent building, with a grass thatch roof, had become home to the first 28 children, 14 girls and 14 boys, from 6 different provinces of the northern region of Thailand. With limited funds and the grass roof caving in from the rains, Operation Blessing stepped in to help construct a permanent tile roof and provide help with daily meals. The first Liberty Kidz Orphanage was close by, as part of Liberty Kidz International, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charity, based in the United States. Liberty Kidz needed a director and the other orphanage needed funding, so the Liberty Kidz children moved in with the other children and staff and combined to form the Liberty Kidz House of Light Orphanage. Liberty Kidz International provided funds and support and today this facility is self-sufficient with buildings, a rice field, an orchard, animals, a pond, a church, and a facility that continues to meet the needs of orphaned children.

Liberty Kidz International also provided funds to help an orphanage along the border of Myanmar and Thailand. These are children that escaped from the longest civil war in history that has lasted for more than 60 years in the country of Myanmar (Burma). These children have witnessed unbelievably horrific acts of violence but because of the hearts of the founders of this orphanage, they have been spared and their lives are now filled with hope for the future!

We are currently expanding into other areas in SE Asia and in Central America. We are providing aid in the form of nutritional-medical and educational needs to three remote villages in SE Asia and a feeding program for destitute children in a remote village in Guatemala.