About Liberty Kidz International, Inc.


Randy and De Ar Jeffers are on a mission to use their time, talent, and resources to help children. Taking to heart what James 1:27 says about pure religion, they are committed to looking after orphans and helping them to be “liberated” from their circumstances so they can be surrounded with hope for a better future! That starts with the basics. Every 10 seconds a child dies from poor nutrition and hunger. That’s over 3 million children, per year, and nearly half of all deaths in children under age 5. In the time you are reading this, just think of how many children will breathe their last breath! TOGETHER, we can “Make a Difference!”

With a background in business that, for many decades, provided an opportunity for people to become successful and accomplish their wildest dreams, Randy and De Ar believe that, for those of us that have achieved so much, we have a responsibility to “give back” and help others by providing HOMES, HELP and HOPE!

Randy and DeAr are excited about seeing how God will use them and their friends to meet the needs of homeless children, which began with, 7 kidz and a project close to their hearts, an orphanage for Hmong children in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To date, Liberty Kidz has participated in projects in over a dozen different countries, with more on the way! We invite you to come and join us! The need is so great and the time is so short!

Liberty Kidz Founders Randay and De Ar Jeffers

Vision – Purpose

Our Vision is to empower a child to be all that he or she is created to be, by providing homes, help, and hope for discouraged, displaced and distressed children of the world.


Core Values – Process

Servant’s Heart: We believe in servant-leadership, each of us serving a Power greater than we and each person on the team serving each other. We believe that children in our care will grow into productive members of their society as each learns to serve the needs of others.

Family: We believe that it is in the nurturing of a healthy family that the human soul is fed. We will feed the souls of our children with a new family experience by providing homeless children with a family, including an extended family comprised of our volunteers.

Passion: We value a spirit of thinking differently, of living life fully and embracing change. We believe that passion fuels purpose.

Collaboration: We believe that we can best serve the needs of children by developing a culture built upon working together to solve problems. Collaborating is more than a business style, it is a state of mind and a way of being.

Integrity: We believe that personal integrity impacts organizational integrity and will best serve our charity’s purpose, our mission and our fund-raising.


Mission – Plan

We exist to provide HOMES, HELP, HOPE for children around the world. We do this by breaking the cycle of poverty and ignorance by not only providing food, physical structures (“orphanages”), education and home environments for these children but also by developing a means for privileged people to donate their time, talent and resources in the fulfillment of our mission.