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It has been estimated that over 5,000 children in Northern Thailand are homeless. Because of this and the other tragic conditions that surround the world’s homeless children, we are driven to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children who are orphaned, outcast, homeless, neglected, poor, and underprivileged.  We will do this by nurturing each child in a home environment that provides love, security, productivity and trust in God.

History of Liberty Kidz Thailand

Our Chiang Mai, Thailand facility originally started in 2006 as the House of Light Orphanage, by Nipon and Khemthong Chaocharernpon. Growing up, Nipon spent time in an orphanage and always felt a calling to care for orphans and children without an opportunity to have an education. During his lifetime, he has helped to start 4 different orphanages that are still in existence and continue to help children, generation after generation.

We need your help

to feed, clothe & house

these children.

In 2006, while working for the Government Public Relations Department Radio Station, Nipon felt a calling from God to start another orphanage. With help, from his family and friends, and his personal funds, he was able to construct a semi-permanent building with a grass roof that became home to the first 28 children, 14 girls and 14 boys, from 6 different provinces of the northern region of Thailand. With limited funds and the grass roof caving in from the rains, Operation Blessing stepped in to help construct a permanent tile roof and provide help with daily meals. Their continued support has helped the orphanage immensely.

In June 2007, Nipon and Khemthong met Randy and De Ar Jeffers, who had started the first Liberty Kidz Orphanage close by, as part of Liberty Kidz International, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charity, based in the United States. They needed a director and the House of Light orphanage needed funding, so the Liberty Kidz children and staff moved in with the House of Light children and staff and combined to form the present Liberty Kidz House of Light Orphanage. Liberty Kidz Thailand Foundation, was formed to provide the administration and allow for future growth and expansion. Nipon Chaocharernpon heads up that organization as Executive Director.


Future Plans

The Liberty Kidz House of Light Orphanage has recently added new staff quarters and guest facilities for future volunteers. We are currently working to rebuild the fish pond, build a chicken coop, mushroom farm, water tower and more. As part of the master plan, we will purchase land from the surrounding area that will allow for additional expansion to construct a multi-purpose building that will house a school, church, kitchen and dining room, and additional dorm rooms. A mango orchard that adjoins one side of the property can also be purchased to provide fruit for the children as well as an income source. We also need to build a road and entrance to the front of the property, and an entrance gate. We need your help today as we are in the process of making this dream a reality and building a meaningful future into the lives of children who are homeless and often helpless.
Our concept is different from that of most orphanages. Yes, we need your help financially, however we want you to commit to more! We want our supporters to commit to 1 or 2 weeks a year to have a “Vacation with a Purpose” by actually visiting the orphanage and helping with what they are good at.

Our first “Purposeful Vacationeer” was Liberty International Independent Representative, “JR” Johnny Read, who provided school uniforms for all the children. These kids were being teased and ridiculed by the other school children, as well as the teachers, for not having the proper clothing. Because of “Uncle” JR’s generosity, they can now concentrate on their learning and school work, instead of worrying about petty things.

All of us are good at something and the children need what we are good at. Some of us can build, some can teach and some of us just might invest time playing with the kids.

Imagine what holding a child or playing a game with them might do! Because of this concept of “Vacation with a Purpose” we plan to build a number of Thai huts, which are essentially a motel room, to house our “purposeful vacationeers.” You will be able to stay on the property, eat with the kids, work with them and help with any projects that are in progress.

Since we call it “Vacation with a Purpose” we will also see that you are able to do some of the tourist things, as well. You can ride an elephant, visit a tribal village, shop at the amazing open air markets and many other fun things.




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